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Ship sunk by German U-Boats
a) USS Dolly Madison
b) USS Maine
c) Lusitania
d) Titanic

Where did American businesses send supplies to during WWI?
a) Australia
b) India
c) Allied Powers
d) Central Powers

The U.S. declared ______ at the outbreak of WWI.
a) neutrality
b) mobilization
c) independence
d) diplomacy

The Russian Ruler who led the country into WWI was Czar __________.
a) Alexis Romanov
b) Grigory Rasputin
c) Nicholas II
d) Franz Ferdinand

The Russian Revolution of 1917 was also known as the _______ Revolution.
a) Bolshevik
b) Romanov
c) Opium
d) American

Where did Trench Warfare occur in WWI?
a) Northern Front
b) Italian Front
c) Eastern Front
d) Western Front

The development of Weapon Technology such as __________ led to the great loss of life.
a) guerilla warfare
b) armies and navies
c) gas, tanks, planes, machine guns and subs
d) the musket and the atomic bomb

Which was NOT a main front of WWI?
a) Northern
b) Italian
c) Eastern
d) Western

The assassination of _________ sparked the Great War.
a) Archduke Nicholas II
b) Archduke Alexis Romanov
c) Archduke Franz Ferdinand
d) Archduke Adolf Hitler

Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Ottoman Empire
a) Central Powers
b) Allied Powers

Great Britain, Italy, France, Russia and The United States
a) Allied Powers
b) Central Powers

What is it when two countries work together for a common cause?
a) Militarism
b) Alliance
c) Imperialism
d) Nationalism

What is not part of MAIN?
a) Miltarism
b) Alliances
c) Industrialism
d) Nationalism

What is the build up of a country's army and navy?
a) Militarism
b) Alliance
c) Imperialism
d) Nationalism

Wilson's proposals at the WWI peace talks was known as the _______ Points.
a) Seventeen
b) Thirty-Six
c) Fourteen
d) Forty-one

This Treaty ended WWI.
a) Verdun
b) Ghent
c) Versailles
d) Westphalia

Which country was the Zimmerman Telegram intended to?
a) Mexico
b) Cuba
c) The Philippines
d) Korea

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