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What did Lord John Berkeley and Sir George Carteret do to New Jersey?
a) they split it up into East Jersey and West Jersey
b) they turned it into a Quaker colony
c) they gave it to New York
d) they gave it back to the Delaware

What did Lord John Berkeley do with West Jersey?
a) He kept it for himself
b) He gave it to Sir George Carteret
c) He sold it to John Fenwick
d) He traded it to the Lenape for fur

Which religious group took over West Jersey?
a) Puritans from Scotland
b) Catholics from France
c) Quakers from England
d) Lenape natives (Delaware natives)

Describe the town of Burlington.
a) It was a Lenape campground
b) It was known for persecution
c) It became the capital of West Jersey and was known for religious tolerance
d) It became the capital of East Jersey

Describe the Quaker religion.
a) They fought with other religions and did not worship together
b) They practiced religious persecution, and treated others unfairly
c) They believed that their religion was the best of all religions
d) They practiced religious tolerance, and believed that all people are equal

Who were John Fenwick and William Penn?
a) Quakers who established a Quaker colony in West Jersey
b) Puritans from East Jersey
c) Relatives of the King of England
d) Governors of English countries

Which document described the new Quaker government in West Jersey?
a) Laws of the Quakers
b) Laws, Concessions, and Agreements
c) The Declaration of Independence
d) The Ten Commandments

Which country remained in control of East Jersey?
a) Spain
b) Antarctica
c) Africa
d) England

Which religious group did many East Jersey settlers belong to?
a) Quaker
b) Jewish
c) Puritan
d) Muslim

Describe the town of Perth Amboy.
a) It became the capital of East Jersey
b) It became the capital of West Jersey
c) It became the new name of New Jersey
d) It became a country

Who was the governor of New York that caused problems for East Jersey?
a) Sir George Carteret
b) Philip Carteret
c) Peter Stuyvesant
d) Sir Edmund Andros

What did New York want from East Jersey?
a) They wanted East Jersey to trade with them
b) They wanted East Jersey to surrender to them
c) They wanted East Jersey to change it's name to East York
d) They wanted East Jersey to pay import duties to them

Which East Jersey governor got arrested for not paying import duties to New York?
a) King Charles II
b) Philip Carteret
c) Sir Edmund Andros
d) William Penn

What did the King of England decide about Sir Edmund Andros' demands to East Jersey?
a) East Jersey should not listen, and Andros returned to England
b) East Jersey should listen to Andros and pay the import duties
c) All of East Jersey should be arrested
d) Sir Edmund Andros should be arrested for his demands

Why did East Jersey and West Jersey become reunited?
a) Proprietors fought a war with England and lost
b) East Jersey and West Jersey settlers surrendered to the King of England
c) East Jersey took over West Jersey
d) Proprietors of both lands returned control to England

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