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pollution overcrowding expansion of slums increase in unskilled labor, all of these are associated with what issue in Africa?
a) urbanization
b) inflation
c) desrertification
d) deforestation

Most people in North Africa and Southwest Asia MOST LIKELY live
a) near the Mediterranean Sea.
b) at the base of the mountains.
c) in the Sahara Desert.
d) near oil reserves.

Area in Sub-Saharan : Africa River basin of the Niger Nile rivers Land near a coastal belt Land near a lake. These areas are:
a) the most densely populated in Africa
b) the least densely populated in Africa.
c) mainly rich
d) mainly poor

What would BEST account for the lack of population in the southwestern portion of Africa?
a) The Kalahari Desert
b) The Sahara Desert
c) Dense tropical rainforests
d) Repeated volcanic activity

Which of these is an effect of deforestation?
a) climate change
b) drought
c) volcanoes erupt
d) colder temperatures

What would BEST account for the population distribution in Africa?
a) The lack of water in the north prevents settlement in the area.
b) Africa is still hurt by years of European colonial presence.
c) New weather patterns are preventing industrialization.
d) Democracy has been successful in Africa.

Which characteristic describes part of the demographics of an average country in Sub-Saharan Africa?
a) high infant mortality rate
b) high automobile death rate
c) high life expectancy
d) high GDP per capita

In which area would you be LEAST likely to find a major city?
a) Near a river
b) Near the ocean
c) Near a desert
d) Near a sea

Which statement can you determine to be TRUE?
a) More people live south of the Sahara Desert than north of it.
b) The northern most part of the continent is the most populous.
c) Islamic governments have been successful in Africa.
d) People cannot farm in Africa.

Desertification would MOST impact which climate area first?
a) Sahel
b) Tropical Savanna
c) Tropical Rainforest
d) Mediterannean

Which of these would MOST likely be a result of a severe drought in northern Africa?
a) famine
b) flooding
c) democracy
d) forest fires

The 2012 Rainforest Protection Code that is a revisement of the 1965 protection code grants amnesty to loggers who illegally cleared land prior to July of 2008. Using this prompt who is MOST likely to strongly oppose this legislation?
a) Environmentalists who fear this sets a dangerous example.
b) Police officers who feel that justice is not being served.
c) Supporters of the timber industry who fear that less land will be sold to them.
d) Loggers who cleared land before 2008 who think it's unfair to be granted amnesty.

Which is closest to the city of Nairobi, Kenya?
a) South Sudan
b) South Africa
c) Egypt
d) Nigeria

· home of the Nile River and the Sahara Desert · made up of 56 different countries · world's second largest continent, which continent is being described?
a) Africa
b) Asia
c) North America
d) Australia

The country of Sudan is represented by which of the following?
a) South of Egypt
b) East of Kenya
c) North of Nigeria
d) West of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Changes in the level of Lake Victoria would have a great effect on what river?
a) Nile
b) Niger
c) Congo
d) Tigris

In which region would you find the Atlas Mountains?
a) Northwestern Africa
b) Southwestern Africa
c) Northeastern Africa
d) Southeastern Africa

Which country would be MOST likely to be found in western Africa?
a) Nigeria
b) Sudan
c) Kenya
d) Egypt

Which represents the modern day country of Sudan?
a) South of Egypt
b) East of Kenya
c) North of Nigeria
d) West of South Africa

From 1965 to 1997, Joseph Mobutu controlled the country of Zaire (now called the Democratic Republic of the Congo). He amassed great personal wealth, was the only person on election ballots, and intimidated or murdered his opponents. With this infor
a) autocratic
b) democratic.
c) confederal
d) oligarchic

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