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There is a ______________ correlation between eating sugar and hyperactivity.
a) positive
b) negative
c) no
d) slight

What type of correlation would you expect between studying and grades?
a) positive
b) negative
c) high
d) low

The __________ side of the debate says that genetics has the most influece over who you are
a) nature
b) nurture
c) environment
d) DNA

The _____________ side of the debate says the environment has the most influence over who you are.
a) Nurture
b) Nature
c) genetics
d) DNA

A detailed description of a person over a period of time is known as a
a) case study
b) longitudinal study
c) blind study
d) cross-sectional study

A longterm study over a number of years on the same group of people is known as a
a) longitudinal study
b) blind study
c) cross-sectional study
d) double blind study

Observing someone's behavior in their natural environment is known as
a) naturalistic observation
b) lab experiments
c) field study
d) survey

In an ABA study, the B stands for
a) the independent variable added to the experiment
b) intial observation of behavior
c) observing the behaviors after adding the independent variable
d) dependend variable

The _____________ group receives the treatment
a) experimental
b) 'A'
c) 'B'
d) control

One advantage to a cross sectional study is that
a) you get unbiased results
b) rich source of data
c) very descriptive information
d) simple to do

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