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Who was the main character's enemy?
a) Billy
b) Jeremy
c) Scott
d) David

Why was Jeremy his enemy?
a) Jeremy made laughed at him when they played baseball.
b) Jeremy didn't invite him to his birthday party.
c) All of the above
d) None of the above

What was dad's advice to him?
a) Dad told him to ignore Jeremy.
b) Dad told him to make other friends.
c) Dad told him that he could make enemy pie for Jeremy, but he had to spend the day with Jeremy.
d) Dad told him to be mean to Jeremy.

What did Jeremy say when he came over and asked him to play?
a) No way!
b) What? Why are you here?
c) You want me to play with you?
d) I'll go ask my mom.

What did the boys play together?
a) They played with a boomerang.
b) They played football.
c) They played computer games.
d) They didn't play together.

When the boomerang flew into the backyard, what did Jeremy see?
a) He saw a dog.
b) He saw kids playing together.
c) He saw a tree house.
d) He didn't see anything.

When Jeremy asked to go into the tree house, what did Billy think to himself?
a) The tree house is my tree house and no one is allowed in it but me, but Jeremy isn't being a very good enemy.
b) Sure, that would be great!
c) No way Jose!
d) Why not?

Why did Billy go into the tree house before Jeremy was allowed up?
a) He needed to pick up his mess.
b) He had to take down the enemy list that was on the wall.
c) He wanted to get some snacks out first.
d) He didn't go in first.

Why do you think the boys didn't answer Billy's dad when he called them for dinner?
a) They couldn't hear him.
b) They thought Billy's dad was joking.
c) They were having fun and didn't want to stop playing.
d) They weren't hungry.

Why did Billy's dad make enemy pie for the boys?
a) He wanted the boys to spend time together so that they could become friends.
b) He wanted to make Jeremy sick.
c) He just liked making pies and wanted to try a new recipe.
d) None of the above.

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