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What were a group of three nations who opposed Germany , Italy and Japan called____.
a) Cololition
b) Unity Forces
c) Allied Forces
d) Nazis

What was the killing of millions of Jews by the Nazis during WWII called?
a) Holocaust
b) Zionism
c) Anti-Semitism
d) Ghettos

What is information created or distributed by governments in order to influence public opinion called?
a) Paragraph
b) Propaganda
c) Political
d) Proposial

The movement to unite displaced Jews and settle them in Palestine which is now called Israel is called _____
a) Anti-Semitism
b) Zionism
c) Proppaganda
d) Holocaust

Prejudice or discrimination against the Jews is called ____.
a) Zionism
b) Propaganda
c) Holocaust
d) Anti-Semitism

The section of a city where the Nazis forced all Jews to live was called _____.
a) Ghetto
b) Urban
c) Rural
d) Town

What is the lacking of integrity, being dishonest or immoral?
a) Dictator
b) Political
c) Corrupt
d) Propaganda

The large prision camps used to confine Jews and other undesirable civilians were called _____.
a) Concentration Camps
b) Resorts
c) Demonstration Camps
d) Vacation

What was the war between the US and Iraq when Iraq invaded Kuwait called?
a) Iraqi War
b) Kuwait War
c) Persian Gulf War
d) Iranian War

Who was the dictator in Iraq who caused all kinds of trouble?
a) Adolf Hitler
b) Osama bin Laden
c) Saddam Hussein
d) Zionist

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