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Why was secretary of the Interior Albert Fall sent to prison?
a) Teapot Dome Scandal, bribery, illegal lease of land
b) Georgia Dome Scandal, deflating footballs, illegal dogfighting
c) bootlegging, smuggling alcohol, not adhering to Prohibition
d) cheating on his taxes, making up stories, losing public trust

What is the goal of supporters of disarmament?
a) to make people feel discouraged
b) to get inexpensive prosthetic arms for wounded veterans
c) to get rid of weapons
d) to get more weapons

Who owns the means of production under communism?
a) the people
b) the government
c) businesses
d) Taco Bell

What are anarchists against?
a) Valentine's Day
b) government
c) businesses
d) religion

How had WWI been good for the economy?
a) Albert Fall was bribed for $400,000
b) people felt happier and bought more stuff
c) goods had to be made for the military so the economy grew
d) Charles Forbes was bribed for $200 million

What did Marcus Garvey encourage?
a) African Americans moving permanently to Africa, black pride and unity
b) people to switch their car insurance to Geico
c) people to go to see the new movie, The Jazz Singer
d) people to not drink alcohol during Prohibition

Why did many people want to end Prohibition?
a) Women got the right to vote.
b) They wanted to drink alcohol
c) Prohibition led to organized crime , speakeasies, and bootlegging
d) John Scopes was arrested for teaching evolution to students.

How did automobiles change the lives of Americans?
a) all of these
b) new business like gas stations, roadside restaurants, cabins
c) families could move to the suburbs
d) tourism grew

How did flappers represent the spirit of the 1920s?
a) Flappers wanted women's suffrage.
b) Flappers were short skirts showing how fabric was hard to come by
c) Flappers had short hair like the 1920s were short
d) Flappers were carefree like the society was after ending the war

What new forms of entertainment became popular in the 1920s?
a) movies, radio, tourism by car
b) texting, Facebook, watching SNL on Netflix
c) sewing, dancing, swimming in the ocean
d) The 1920s were really boring. There was not entertainment.

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