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Psychology is the study of
a) feelings, thoughts, and behaviors
b) the mind and thought processes
c) the brain and its functions
d) behaviors

The three goals of psychology are
a) predict, control, and explain
b) explain, predict, and inform
c) inform, predict, and control
d) explain, inform, control

Psychology's roots are in science and
a) philosophy
b) physiology
c) history
d) social studies

________________ is known as the Father of Psychology
a) Wilhelm Wundt
b) James Watson
c) William James
d) Sigmund Freud

To study the mind as a whole and not just each sensation is known as
a) functionalism
b) structuralism
c) psychodynamic
d) gestalt theory

____________ was founded by John B. Watson.
a) Behaviorism
b) Psychodynamic
c) Functionalism
d) Social-Cultural

A prediction of an experiments outcome is a
a) hypothesis
b) educated guess
c) independent variable
d) dependent variable

The opposite of the hypothesis is the
a) null hypothesis
b) false hypothesis
c) true hypothesis
d) hypothesis

Any variable that influences the experiment is known as
a) a confounding variable
b) the independent variable
c) the dependent variable
d) a variable

The relationship between two variables is know as a
a) correlation
b) result
c) independent variable
d) coefficient

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