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A play presenting a genuinely serious action that raises questions about the meaning of man's existence, his moral nature, and his social or psychological relationships
a) Tragedy
b) Comedy
c) History
d) Romantic Comedy

The 3rd Level Backstage
a) Wardrobe and Storage Rooms
b) Muscians' Galleries
c) Heavens
d) Stage Doors to the Tiritn House

Located in the tiring house - behind the stage.
a) Musicians' Galleries
b) Stage Doors to the Tiring House
c) Wardrobe and Storage Rooms
d) Curtains

The trapdoor in the ceiling above the platform stage where actors descended with use of pulleys.
a) Heavens
b) Hell
c) Trap Door to Hell
d) Wardrobe and Storage Rooms

Tiring rooms were also known as
a) hell
b) heavens
c) musicians' galleries
d) dressing rooms

A nobleman who sponsored an acting company.
a) Master of the Revels
b) Patron/Patronage
c) Tragic Supporter
d) Shakespeare

Officer of the royal house house responsible for supervising court entertainment. Also responsible for enforcing the rule against women performing on the stage.
a) Patron/Patronage
b) Anti-Stratfordian Movement
c) Broadsides
d) Master of the Revels

The play manuscript in draft form submitted to the acting company.
a) Foul Papers
b) Fair Papers
c) Patronage
d) Doubling

Clean final copy of the play prepared by the playwright or scribe.
a) Foul Papers
b) Fair Papers
c) Folio
d) Quarto

A movement which doubts the authenticity of Shakespeare's authorship of plays and poems previously ascribed to him.
a) Fair and Foul Papers
b) Renaissance
c) Enlightenment
d) Anti-Stratfordian Movement

Be sure you can label a diagram of the Globe theater with all of its components.
a) Use the handout provided with the diagram on it to study!
b) Wrong answer.
c) This is also the wrong answer.
d) This is definitely the wrong answer.

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