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Large advertising posters containing the notice of the play and/or political statements.
a) patron/patronage
b) fair papers/foul papers
c) broadsides
d) Hell

Tiers of seating
a) Galleries
b) Huts
c) Platforms
d) Pits

Wrapped around the stage to hide storage of large props and the entrance to hell.
a) heavens
b) curtains
c) trap doors
d) musicians' gallery

Located at the center of the stage.
a) trapdoor to hell
b) stage doors to the tiring house
c) dressing rooms
d) musicians' galleries

Indicated if the performance would be given based upon color: white - romance or comedy, red - history, black - tragedy.
a) The Flag
b) The Hut
c) The Tiring House
d) Gallery

Seats immediately adjacent to the stage on the first level.
a) Lords' Rooms
b) The Hut
c) Groundling Rooms
d) Upper Gallery

The small room with a thatched roof above the stage that was used for sound effects.
a) The yard or pit.
b) Platform Stage
c) The Hut
d) The Flag

The lower class who had to stand for the duration of the play in a pit.
a) Lords'
b) Penny Stinkards/Groundlings
c) Middle Class Gallery
d) Retirees

Small area for acting at the back, center of the stage.
a) Platform stage
b) Tiring House
c) Inner Stage
d) Yard or Pit

The standing area around the stage/500 spectators.
a) tiring house
b) yard or pit
c) inner stage
d) hut

Location of the dressing rooms and small props immediately behind the stage gallery.
a) platform stage
b) yard or pit
c) tiring house
d) Hut

Modeled after the trestle stage from an innyard.
a) platform stage
b) tiring house
c) yard or pit
d) Lords' Rooms

Contains the script of one play (refers to folding of a piece of paper).
a) printing press
b) quarto
c) folio
d) First Folio

All of Shakespeare's works when first published in 1623.
a) Printing Press
b) Folio
c) Quarto
d) FIRST Folio

All of an author's works.
a) doubling
b) folio
c) quarto
d) first folio

New invention that made books available to the general public.
a) Folio
b) Quatro
c) Doubling
d) Printing Press

a) The Lord Chamberlain's Men disbanded.
b) The business manager was added as part of the acting company.
c) The Globe theater was built.
d) The Black Plague destroyed London.

a) All theaters closed by an act of Parliament.
b) All theaters were open and free to the public.
c) The Globe theater burned down due to a cannon shot.
d) Shakespeare wrote The Fault in Our Stars.

City officials were opposed to Acting Companies because
a) they caused disorder, riots, and attracted an undesirable element
b) made nasty comments about city officials
c) they had a fear of spreading the plague
d) all of the above

The Rose, Swan, Curtain, Fortune
a) Competitive/Rival Theaters
b) Owned by Shakespeare
c) Created by James Burbage
d) The Admiral's Men

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