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When Queen Elizabeth I died in 1603, James I became King. He took the LCM and changed the name to
a) Lord James' Chamberlain Men
b) Rival Acting Company
c) The King's Men
d) The Queen's Men

An acting company sponsored by the Earl of Leicester in which Shakespeare was a member and a shareholder.
a) Lord Chamberlain's Men
b) Blackfriar Theater
c) Globe Theater Troupe
d) Burbage Brewhaha

10-12 actors; 5-6 apprentice positions, business manager, hired men (maintenance, ticket taker, etc.), housekeeper (props, costumes)
a) Qualifications for membership in an acting company.
b) Composition of an acting company.
c) Lord Chamberlain's Men
d) Blackfriar's Theater

A variety of entertainment spectacles that followed feature plays such as musicians, jugglers, dancers, and comedians).
a) doubling
b) Quarto
c) Cycle Plays
d) Interlude Players

The term used to describe the act of taking on more than one role in a play.
a) quarto
b) doubling
c) interlude
d) folio

Male, 19 years old or 7 year apprentice, resonant voice, excellent memory, strong concentration power, versatility (ability to sing, dance, carry a sword, and perform acrobatics).
a) The composition of an acting company.
b) William Shakespeare
c) James Burbage
d) The qualifications for membership in an acting company.

a) Morally corrupt sport and entertainment of the time period.
b) The musicians, jugglers, dancers, comedians responsible for entertaining the people prior to the start of the play.
c) The first play performed on the stage of The Globe Theater.
d) William Shakespeare's first occupation.

The carpenter/actor responsible for building The Theatre.
a) William Shakespeare
b) Christopher Marlowe
c) Romeo Montague
d) James Burbage

Used for open air theaters by traveling actors.
a) humanism
b) innyards
c) The Theatre
d) James Burbage

The Theatre
a) A place where the people were exposed to the enlightenment.
b) The first permanent playhouse built in 1576 by James Burbage.
c) The location of the popular entertainment of bear-baiting.
d) The chorus of a play.

a) Philosophy of the Elizabethan Age whereby man was a glorious creature in the center of the universe.
b) Incorporated the cycle play as a means of celebrating the Feast of Corpus Christi.
c) revolved around the stories of the Saints' lives.
d) concerned itself with mankind's virtues and vices.

Pope Urban IV decreed this as a day of feasting. The cycle play was incorporated as a means of celebration.
a) Humanism
b) Feast of Corpus Christi
c) Myracle Plays
d) Morality Plays

Scenes from the Bible were presented on movable carts.
a) Mystery Plays
b) Morality Plays
c) Cycle Plays
d) Morality Plays

Concerned with mankind's virtues and vices. Use flat characters.
a) Feast of Corpus Christi
b) Humanism
c) Myracle Plays
d) Morality Plays

Based upon the stories of saints' lives.
a) Mystery Play
b) Morality Play
c) Myracle Play
d) Feast of Corpus Christi

Biblical stories used as a form of instruction.
a) Mystery Plays
b) Myracle Plays
c) Morality Plays
d) Feast of Corpus Christi

A literary form designed for presentation in a theater or before an audience by actors representing characters.
a) Myracle Plays
b) Mystery Plays
c) Feast of Corpus Christi
d) Drama

Caused by the Crusades (expeditions of 11th, 12th, and 13th century Christians to the Holy Land). Exposed people to new cultures, ideas, arts, music, science, math, and literature.
a) Mystery
b) Humanism
c) Realism
d) Renaissance

1558 - 1603
a) The reign of Queen Elizabeth I.
b) Shakespeare's life and death.
c) The dates between which Burbage created The Theater.
d) Ann Hathaway's life span.

Shakespeare lived between the years
a) 1400-1467
b) 1564-1616
c) 1863-1920
d) 1999-2010

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