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Of the following, which is a non-profit agency?
a) American Red Cross
b) Food and Drug Administration
c) World Health Organization
d) National Institutes of Health

The NIH and CDC are divisions of the:
a) FDA
c) US Dept of Homeland Security

What service would MOST LIKELY be provided by the American Diabetes Association to someone who has diabetes?
a) arrangements for a pancreas transplant
b) disease information and referrals
c) medical insurance to pay for supplies
d) complete medical care and hospitalization

What agency would respond when there is an outbreak of West Nile Virus in NC?
a) American Heart Association
b) CDC
d) March of Dimes

MOST non-profit healthcare organizations focus on specific:
a) diseases or health professions
b) national disasters
c) schools or colleges
d) events and holidays

What international health agency is sponsered by the United Nations?
b) CDC
d) WHO

The FDA regulates:
a) the financing of dietary aides in nursing homes
b) vaccinations in third world countries
c) health workers who contract infections from their patients
d) food and medications sold to the public

HOSA is classified as a:
a) For profit student group
b) For profit healthcare organization
c) Non-profit healthcare organization
d) Non-profit social club

A local agency that provides immunizations, inspections for environmental health and sanitation, and clinics for health care prevention is:
b) FDA
c) A physician's office
d) The health department

CDC is the acronym for the:
a) Council for Disease Control
b) Center for Disease Control
c) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
d) Council for Diseases, Crises, and Pandemics

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