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Which activity within our solar system takes approximately one year to complete?
a) Halley’s comet revolving around the sun once
b) a distant star revolving around Earth once
c) Earth revolving around the sun once
d) the moon revolving around Earth once

Approximately how long does it take the moon to complete one cycle of phases?
a) a month
b) a day
c) a week
d) a year

Which tool is most useful to observe the moons of Jupiter to help record their motion?
a) a microscope
b) a telescope
c) balance
d) binoculars

What causes a lunar eclipse to occur?
a) The moon’s shadow falls on Earth.
b) Earth’s shadow falls on the moon.
c) The moon’s shadow falls on the sun.
d) The sun’s shadow falls on Earth.

Which organisms are most important for adding nutrients to the soil?
a) consumers
b) scavengers
c) producers
d) decomposers

The soil in a deciduous forest typically contains many nutrients and supports the growth of various plants. Which statement explains why the soil is so nutrient rich?
a) The daily rainfall adds minerals to the soil.
b) The temperature of the soil is perfect for plants to grow.
c) The amount of sunlight the soil gets is perfect for plants.
d) The soil is high in organic matter from decomposers.

Venus appears very bright in the night sky because it
a) has a gravitational field.
b) is the largest planet.
c) is the closest planet to Earth.
d) has a high surface temperature.

The Arctic tundra provides a habitat for caribou and arctic hare. Which best describes the climate in which these animals live?
a) cold and humid
b) warm and dry
c) cold and dry
d) warm and humid

What can happen when the moon passes between Earth and the sun?
a) The sun lights both sides of the moon.
b) The moon blocks the light of the sun.
c) The sun blocks the view of the moon.
d) The moon stops the sun from producing light.

Which is the best example of an assistive bioengineered product?
a) a rosebush that is bred to have roses of a particular color
b) a computer program that helps a paralyzed person control a wheelchair
c) a pesticide produced from the compounds of a plant
d) a bacterium that generates oil byproducts in the presence of sunlight

A company designed an electromagnetic tool that removes dents from metal plates. The dented metal is placed between two magnets. A current is then supplied to the electromagnets. The attraction between the two magnets forces the dented metal plate ba
a) compare the cost of operating the tool to other dent removal tools
b) compare the shape of the treated metal with the original shape of the metal
c) compare the type of metal plates treated by the company to those of other companies
d) compare the energy requirements of two similar dent removal tools

A student sees the moon and says, “The moon looks larger than the stars.” Which best explains why the student makes this observation?
a) The moon is reflecting light from the sun.
b) The moon is closer to Earth than the stars.
c) The moon is much larger than the stars.
d) he moon is much larger than Earth.

Which of these contains both abiotic and biotic elements in a desert environment?
a) rocks and sunlight
b) water and pebbles
c) scorpions and sand
d) roadrunners and snakes

Which type of moon will be viewed from Earth when Earth is between the sun and the moon?
a) waning gibbous
b) waxing crescent
c) new moon
d) full moon

Three healthy plants are placed in a dark cabinet. Another three are placed in a window. All the plants are given the same amount of water. After one month, only the plants in the window are living. These results support which conclusion?
a) Darkness will cause plants to grow.
b) Carbon dioxide is needed for growth.
c) Leaves need more time to grow.
d) Sunlight is needed for growth.

How is soil fertility in a deciduous forest dependent on the trees?
a) Fallen leaves decay and make the soil rich with organic matter.
b) The trees shade the ground so small amounts of light get through to the soil.
c) Tree roots keep rocks from breaking and adding minerals to the soil.
d) Large rocks help break down smaller rocks and pebbles in forming soil.

Which occurs when the moon, the sun, and Earth are in a straight line?
a) first quarter moon
b) third quarter moon
c) neap tide
d) spring tide

Which is a biotic factor of an alpine forest?
a) elk
b) rainfall
c) soil
d) mountains

In a biotic response experiment, two plants with the same mass are placed in identical pots. Both plants are given the same amount of water, soil, and sunlight. After one week, the test plant is given one tablespoon of liquid fertilizer. Two weeks la
a) amount of sunlight
b) soil temperature
c) liquid fertilizer
d) size of the pot

Which hot and dry biome is home to large herds of herbivores that feed on the many kinds of grasses?
a) tundra
b) desert
c) rainforest
d) savannah

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