Dr. Armer----Class Words And Phrases In Spanish Part 1 Question Preview (ID: 23648)

Words And Phrases In Spanish Part 1.[print questions]

la clase
a) the class
b) the school
c) the home
d) the room

el maestro
a) the teacher
b) the doctor
c) the mark
d) the book

el país
a) the country
b) the province
c) the city
d) the state

a) sorry
b) please
c) you're welcome
d) thank you

por favor
a) please
b) thank you
c) sorry
d) you are welcome

muchas gracias
a) thank you very much
b) the class
c) please
d) maybe

de nada
a) you are welcome
b) bless you
c) yes
d) forgive me

el señor
a) mister
b) miss
c) Mrs.
d) teacher

a) miss
b) Mrs.
c) Sr.
d) teacher

sí (with accent)
a) yes
b) no
c) maybe
d) if

si (no accent)
a) if
b) yes
c) maybe
d) no

tal vez
a) maybe
b) yes
c) no
d) if

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