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Little Turtle
a) Leader of the Shawnee people
b) Leader of the Iroquois Nation
c) Leader of the Miami people
d) Leader of the Oneida; Fought with the French

Alexander Hamilton
a) Secretary of Treasury; issued Report on the Public Credit
b) Secretary of War; declared war on France
c) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; Declared Alien Act unconstitutional
d) Secretary of State; Urged President to invade Spain

John Adams
a) First Secretary of Treasury
b) First Secretary of State
c) First Attorney General
d) First Vice President

Matthew Lyon
a) Arrested under Sedition Act
b) Deported under the Alien Act
c) Secretary of War
d) Secretary of Treasury

First two political parties
a) Democrats and Republicans
b) Federalists and Whigs
c) Federalists and Loyalists
d) Federalists and Democratic-Republicans

National debt
a) Amount the country pays back to its citizen
b) Amount a country owes
c) Amount that leaders earn
d) Amount that goes to allies

a) Political meetings
b) Political parties
c) Favoring one side of a political issue
d) Listening to both sides of a political issue

a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Aaron Burr
c) Alexander Hamilton
d) Blue Jacket

National bank was belief held by
a) Congress
b) Federalists
c) Democratic-Republicans
d) all 13 states

Judiciary Act of 1789
a) Established a federal court system
b) Law that gave the President the power to deport aliens
c) Made it more difficult for white aliens to become citizens
d) Made it illegal to criticize the government

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