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A major religion started by Muhammad in the 600's and 700 C.E.
a) Christianity
b) Islam
c) Judaism
d) Mormamism

A social group that shares a common ancestry, language, and tradition
a) clan
b) tribe
c) group
d) my bro's

Taught the faith of Islam
a) Jesus
b) Muhammad
c) Moses
d) nobody knows

A group of related families
a) clan
b) tribe
c) gang
d) crew

Person who believes in Islam
a) Christian
b) Muslim
c) Jewish
d) Atheist

Belief in a single god
a) polytheism
b) clan
c) tribe
d) Monothesim

Belief in multiple gods
a) Monotheism
b) priest
c) follower
d) poytheism

Taught the faith of Islam
a) prophet
b) Muhammad
c) clan
d) caliph

A title taken by Muslim rulers who claimed religious authority to rule
a) Caliph
b) Priest
c) ruler
d) king

A person who adopts new beliefs of a religious faith
a) traitor
b) heratic
c) convert
d) follower

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