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Most Christians believe in one God who exists in three forms, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Together these three forms are called the _____________.
a) Good Samaritan
b) Messiah
c) Holy Union
d) Trinity

More than any other event, followers of Jesus were convinced he was the Messiah by
a) the wisdom of his teachings.
b) he huge following he attracted.
c) their belief in his resurrection.
d) his crucifixion.

Roman persecution of Christians
a) strengthened many Christians’ faith.
b) was ended by Nero in A.D. 250.
c) was begun by the Emperor Constantine in A.D. 380.
d) resulted in the growth of the Jewish faith in many European countries.

All of the following are central beliefs of Christianity held by most Christians EXCEPT
a) Jesus is the Son of God.
b) Jesus died to atone for everyone’s sins.
c) Jesus rose from the dead.
d) Jesus wrote the sacred scriptures of Christianity.

___________ was a major part of Jesus’ teachings.
a) Reincarnation
b) Forgiveness
c) Nirvana
d) Polytheism

If you wanted to learn more about the lives of important early Christians, you would read
a) the Old Testament.
b) the Aeneid.
c) the Acts of the Apostles.
d) the Book of Revelation.

What did the disciples of Jesus do after his death?
a) They spread Christianity throughout the Roman world.
b) They argued for Jesus’ innocence with Roman authorities.
c) They convinced the Jews to stop persecuting Romans
d) They hid from the Romans and kept Jesus’ teachings a secret.

Jesus was a member of
a) the Roman army.
b) the Pharisees.
c) the Christian people.
d) the Jewish people.

Our information about the life of Jesus comes mainly from
a) the Pharisees.
b) the Gospels.
c) the Zealots.
d) Jewish teachings

What event led to the Diaspora?
a) The destruction of the First Temple
b) The Babylonian exile
c) The beginnings of the time of the judges
d) Alexander the Great’s rule of Persia

Which of the following is NOT a legacy of Judaism?
a) The Judeo-Christian tradition
b) The Bible
c) The belief in the resurrection of Jesus
d) The belief in one supreme, invisible God

According to the Bible, when did the time of the judges end?
a) After Joshua led the Israelites into Canaan
b) When Saul became the first king of Israel
c) When David became king of Israel
d) After the death of Solomon

Which Jewish writing is the best resource for helping Jews to understand God’s laws?
a) The Scriptures
b) The Talmud
c) The Tanakh
d) The Torah

What do Jews believe to be the most important way to show their faithfulness to God?
a) Going to temple
b) Praying five times a day
c) Learning to speak Hebrew
d) Following God’s laws

All of the following Bible characters are Jewish patriarchs EXCEPT
a) Moses.
b) Jacob.
c) Isaac.
d) Abraham.

Why did God give Moses the Ten Commandments?
a) To help Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt
b) To provide the Israelites with ethical laws
c) To prepare the Israelites for their escape from slavery
d) To guide the Israelites to the Promised Land

The traditional beginnings of Judaism are described in an ancient text known as the
a) Covenant.
b) Old Testament.
c) Ten Commandments.
d) Torah.

The name for God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit is
a) Christianity
b) the Trinity.
c) the Eucharist.
d) the Apostles.

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