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Because the Middle East was on the trade route from China to Europe it is often called the __________________ _____ ___________. This travel leads to cultural ______________________.
a) Cradle of Civilization
b) The Homefront
c) The first civilization
d) Crossroads of Asia, diffusion

To control flooding in the Fertile Crescent, the Sumarians built __________. These structures also produce ___________________ power.
a) windmills, electricity
b) wagons, hydroelectricity
c) levees, electricity
d) dams, hydroelectric

Mesopotamia was referred to as the ___________ ____ ______________ because the people learned to irrigate crops to provide enough food for large populations.
a) Crossroads of Asia
b) Mecca
c) Cradle of Civilization
d) Ramadan

The soil is extremely rich for farming (known as arable soil) between the rivers in question 4 because most years it _____________. This area is called the ______________ ______________.
a) was sunny, Iran
b) floods, Fertile Crescent
c) Cloudy, Saudi Arabia
d) dry, the desert

Mesopotamia is an area bordered by these two rivers: the _____________ and the __________________.
a) Euprates and Jordan Rivers
b) Tigris and Nile Rivers
c) Jordan and Nile Rivers
d) Euphrates and Tigris Rivers

Egypt and Saudi Arabia are on opposite sides of the ____________
a) Arabian Sea
b) Red Sea
c) Bay of Bengal
d) Caspian Sea

The river in question 1 flows into the Mediterranean Sea in a feature that branches out into many little streams and is called a
a) dam
b) river
c) delta
d) stream

The longest river in the world flows northward through Egypt and Africa… ___________.
a) Nile River
b) Tigris River
c) Euphrates River
d) Jordan River

In Israel the water source that must be shared between several countries is the ________________ _____________.
a) Tigris River
b) Jordan River
c) The Mississippi River
d) Nile River

Three religions all think the birthplace of their faith is __________________.
a) Mecca
b) Palestine
c) Jerusalem
d) Israel

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