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Which part of the modern world has been least affected by the Jewish Diaspora?
a) Australia
b) Europe
c) South America
d) Southeast Asia

Outside of Israel, where does the largest number of Jews live today?
a) In the rest of Southwest Asia
b) In Europe and Russia
c) In Latin America
d) In the United States

Which Israelite captured Jerusalem and made it the capital of the Kingdom of Israel?
a) David
b) Joshua
c) Moses
d) Solomon

Where in the Hebrew Bible is the traditional history of the Jewish people found?
a) In the Torah
b) In the Prophets and the Torah
c) In the Writings and the Prophets
d) In the Torah, the Prophets, and the Writings

Which part of the Hebrew Bible includes great works of Hebrew literature such as Psalms and Proverbs?
a) The Chronicles
b) The Commentaries
c) The Torah
d) The Writings

Which activity is least important to the good practice of Judaism?
a) Studying God’s laws
b) Working for justice
c) Becoming a rabbi
d) Observing the Sabbath

By which ancient event do historians mark the beginning of the Jewish Diaspora?
a) The Babylonian Captivity
b) The Assyrians’ conquest of Israel
c) The rule of Cyrus the Great
d) Joshua’s capture of Jericho

The common set of values and beliefs shared by Judaism and Christianity is known as the
a) Old Testament.
b) Holy Bible.
c) Covenant.
d) Judeo-Christian tradition.

According to the Bible, where did the Israelites live for 40 years before their return to their Promised Land?
a) Canaan
b) Egypt
c) The Sinai desert
d) The Mesopotamian city of Ur

The book of Exodus states that the Israelites were led out of slavery in Egypt by
a) Abraham.
b) Jacob.
c) Joshua
d) Moses

What similar feature do nearly all Muslim mosques share?
a) They all have a prayer hall that faces in the direction of Mecca.
b) They all have large golden domes.
c) They are all cube-shaped buildings.
d) They are all the tallest buildings in their community.

According to the Five Pillars of Islam, Muslims must fast daily during the holy month of
a) Eid al-Fitr.
b) Haij.
c) Ramadan.
d) Sunnah

The Islamic text known as the Sunnah
a) sets down the rules by which Islamic governments must operate.
b) collects examples of the finest Muslim poetry.
c) was a major scientific book used for centuries.
d) records the words and actions of Muhammad.

In the modern world, the Sharia
a) is the basis for the law codes of all Muslim nations.
b) serves only as a guide for the personal conduct of Muslims.
c) influences law codes in some Muslim countries.
d) is no longer followed by the majority of Muslims.

Muslims believe that Muhammad began preaching his beliefs in Mecca after
a) he was impressed by the honesty and faith of the Meccans.
b) he received messages from God, brought by the angel Gabriel.
c) he studied the teachings of the Jews and Christians living in Mecca.
d) he traveled to Africa and Asia as a merchant.

Muslims are not permitted to gamble or drink alcohol by the legal code known as the
a) Haij
b) Quran
c) Ramadan
d) Sunnah

Which of the following is one of the Five Pillars of Islam?
a) Muslims must pray five times a day while facing Mecca
b) Muslims must fast between daybreak and sunset once a month.
c) Muslims must make a pilgrimage to Mecca once a year.
d) Muslims must donate a portion of their income to their mosque.

Islam began in Arabia, a land best known for the
a) harshness of its hot, dry desert landscape.
b) relatively small size of its peninsula.
c) heavy rains that blow in from the surrounding seas.
d) cold weather on its many high mountain ranges.

Muslims believe that
a) Muhammad was the only prophet of God.
b) Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad were all prophets
c) Muslims, Jews, and Christians all worship different gods.
d) there are many different gods in the universe.

Why was AD 630 an important year for Islam?
a) That was the year Muhammad and his followers went on the hijra
b) According to Islam, Muhammad received his first revelations in that year.
c) Muhammad conquered Mecca in that year
d) Muhammad and his followers won a great battle at Badr

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