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When alcohol could not be legally produced, sold, transported in the US it is called...
a) Prohibition
b) Secret alcohol production
c) Prevention
d) Procrastination

Bootleggers are....
a) people with boots on their very long legs
b) people who smuggled illegal alcohol during Prohibition
c) a special type of lobster - delicious!
d) the newest kind of Ugg boots for sale at Famous Footware

If you went to an illegal bar during Prohibition you would be at...
a) My Saloon
b) Blue Dog
c) Speakeasies
d) The Bootlegger

When gangs criminals got together to smuggle illegal Alcohol during Prohibition this was called...
a) bootleggers
b) the mafia
c) a bad idea
d) organized crime

This word means to confine or limit (just what happened with alcohol during Prohibition)
a) refund
b) restrict
c) remove
d) retire

Rebellious women in the 1920s (wore new short skirts, short hair, makeup, danced, smoked, and drank) were called
a) flappers
b) ladies
c) goth girls
d) orthodontists

What did the 19th amendment do for women?
a) let them drink alcohol
b) gave them the right to vote
c) ordered them to wear longer skirts
d) reduced segregation

The first radio station in the United States (Pittsburgh) was called
d) Pandora Radio

The name of the 1st US movie without sound was called...
a) Mall Cop
b) Finding Nemo
c) The Jazz Singer
d) Frozen

Choose the answer that best describes Walt Disney
a) famous African American piano player
b) famous African American leader who encouraged black pride and sending African Americans back to Africa
c) producer of many animated movies, later built theme parks in CA and FL
d) US baseball star of the 1920s

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