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Which of the following is NOT a function of the skeletal system?
a) store calcium
b) control body temperature
c) protect internal organs
d) provide shape and support

Which part of the body is responsible for producing blood cells?
a) cartilage
b) Bone
c) Tendon
d) Ligament

Which of the following types of joints is found in the shoulder and hip
a) Hinge
b) Ball and Socket
c) Gliding
d) Pivot

What does the muscular system do for the body?
a) filter waste from the body
b) produce red blood cells
c) prevent water loss
d) movement

What type of muscle helps with digestion and is found in internal organs?
a) Smooth muscle
b) Cardiac muscle
c) Skeletal muscle
d) Striated muscle

What system works with the muscular system as you are playing soccer?
a) Urinary
b) Skeletal
c) Integumentary
d) excretory

Connective, epithelial, muscle, and nerve are all examples of ____________.
a) tissue
b) organs
c) organ systems
d) cells

The stomach, liver and intestines work together to digest food. When these parts work together to do a specific job, they form a(n) __________________________.
a) cells
b) tissues
c) organs
d) organ system

Why is bone considered an organ?
a) made up of two or more different cells
b) made up of two or more different tissues
c) Made up of two or more organs
d) made up of the same tissue

What is a tissue that connects muscle to bone?
a) Cartilage
b) Tendon
c) Ligament
d) Joint

Type of muscle found only in the heart.
a) Cardiac
b) Smooth
c) Skeletal
d) Striped

What is the only voluntary muscle type in the body
a) Skeletal
b) Smooth
c) Cardiac
d) Portable

What is a place where two or more bones meet?
a) Joint
b) Connector
c) Tendon
d) The club

Type of tissue that provides shock absorption between two bone.
a) cartilage
b) Kleenex
c) Ligament
d) Tendon

Provides shape and support for the body and protection for many organs and structures.
a) Bones
b) Skin
c) Frames
d) Big Muscles

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