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An area surrounding a charged particle is called a(n)_____________.
a) motor
b) electric field
c) mechanical field
d) None of the above

Heat energy transfers from an area of _________ temperature to an area of _________
a) lower / higher
b) higher / lower
c) Both 1 and 2
d) Neither 1 or 2

The transfer of heat through space without particles of matter colliding or moving to transfer the energy is called ___________.
a) conduction
b) radiation
c) convection
d) None of the above

When a motor is used, ______ energy is converted into ______ energy.
a) mechanical / heat
b) mechanical / electrical
c) electrical / heat
d) electrical / mechanical

A _____ would be a good material to use as the iron core when creating an
a) toothpick
b) straw
c) nail
d) All of the above

All of the materials listed are good conductors of electricity except _____.
a) nail
b) copper wire
c) straw
d) aluminum foil

All of the materials listed are good insulators of electricity except _____.
a) gold
b) wax
c) paper
d) glass

The more loops (coils) a wire is wrapped around the iron core of an electromagnet, the ________.
a) number of coils makes no difference.
b) weaker the magnetic force.
c) stronger the magnetic force.
d) greater the insulating factor.

Like poles of a magnet ______.
a) do nothing
b) repel
c) attract
d) change polarity

__________ is the type of thermal energy transfer that moves in a current motion.
a) Conduction
b) Radiation
c) Convection
d) None of the above

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