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One hertz is equal to one __________ per second
a) speed
b) wave
c) wavelength
d) frequency

The number of ________ passing a point in a given time is called frequency
a) Waves
b) Sound
c) Light
d) Energy

All waves have amplitude,__________, and frequency
a) Wavelength
b) Height
c) Hertz
d) Position

What is it called when a light wave passes through a medium
a) Reflection
b) Diffraction
c) Rainbow
d) Refraction

What do you call a reflected sound wave
a) Reflection
b) Echo
c) Crest
d) Trough

What unit are waves measured in
a) Seconds
b) Meters
c) Hertz
d) Hurts

What are the 2 types of waves
a) Longitudinal/Compressional and Transverse
b) Longitudinal and Compressional
c) Water and Sound
d) Light and Hertz

What do waves transfer
a) Energy
b) Water
c) Stars
d) Money

The speed of light is ___________ than/as the speed of sound
a) Slower
b) Faster
c) The same
d) Close

Sound can __________ around corners
a) Bend
b) Jump
c) Stop
d) Crumple

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