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The highest elevations in the United States are located in
a) the Sierra Nevada
b) the Rocky Mountains
c) the Great Plains
d) the coastal regions

Which of the following physical features attracted settlers who were looking for easier ways to travel?
a) Rivers
b) Mountains
c) The Great Plains
d) The Great Lakes

Which of the four major regions of the United States was settled last by U.S. citizans?
a) Northeast
b) South
c) West
d) Midwest

Which of the following statements about the natural resources of the United States is most acurate?
a) The many agricultural resources of the U.S. have made up for its lack of other resources.
b) U.S. industry and agriculture have prospered because America has many different natural resources.
c) The U.S. has had to import most of its resources from other nations
d) Natural resources such as clothing and cars have been a huge boost to the U.S. economy.

Which of the following doubled the size of the United States in 1803?
a) The Civil War
b) The Louisiana Purchase
c) The American Revolution
d) The Industrial Revolution

Many Italian and Polish immigrants came to the United States
a) before the Civil War
b) in the early 1900s
c) in the late 1900s
d) since the 1960s

The Native Americans living in the _________ were most likely to use canoes.
a) Eastern woodlands
b) Great Basin
c) Plains
d) Southwest

Native American cultures were disrupted when the Europeans arrived and introduced
a) the idea of farming
b) unfamiler disease
c) fishing practices
d) dissenters

Many immigrants were likely drawn to the United States because of the individual rights and freedoms guaranteed by the
a) Constitution
b) doctrine of Manifest Destiny
c) civil rights movement
d) industrial revolution

NAFTA is a trade aggreement between
a) America, China and India
b) America, Canada, and Mexico
c) American, Japan, and Mexico
d) America, South America, and the Middle East

The forest of the Pacific northwest are just one of the many different _________ in the Uwhere many people work in the same industry.
a) elevation regions
b) political regions
c) climate regions
d) economic regions

The cultural diverstiy of the United States tends to be highest
a) in the Midwest and central states
b) along the border with Canada
c) along the border with Mexico
d) in New England

The organization USAID
a) promotes free trade
b) provides military aid
c) provides food aid
d) negotiates peace treaties

In what ways did the immigrants contribute to American society in the early 1900s?
a) They increased the defensive power of the United States.
b) They worked in factories, built railroads, and opened buisness.
c) They took political power in most eastern cities.
d) They changed the primary language in many cities from English to their respective languages.

Where did most immigrants to the United States come from prior to the Civil War?
a) Canada and Mexico
b) Hungary and Austria
c) Ireland Germany
d) Italy and Poland

Which natural resource has alowed the United States to experience economic growth?
a) Gold
b) Crops, like soybeans and corn
c) Iron ore
d) Silver

Which of the major continental regions of the United States are best for farming?
a) The Appalachian Mountains
b) The Sierra Nevada
c) The Rocky Mountains
d) The Great Plains

Which of the following has made American culture more accessible to the rest of the world?
a) Scientific research
b) Imports
c) The internet
d) Immigration

The population increase in the United States in the last ten years has largely been the result of
a) immigration
b) mass media
c) U.S. foreign policy
d) the market economy

Which of the following was one cause of the Civil War in the United States?
a) The South wanted new states to allow slavery and the North did not.
b) The North wanted new states to allow slavery and the South did not.
c) The North opposed sighing treaties with Native Americans
d) The South opposed signing treaties with Native Americans.

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