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This natural resource can take hundreds of year to form and can easily be eroded.
a) minerals
b) soil
c) fossil fuels
d) trees

What was often used as an energy source when factories began mass producing clothing, furniture, and farm machines?
a) solar power
b) wind power
c) electric power
d) water power

Forests play an important role in controlling the ______________.
a) carbon level in atmosphere
b) oxygen level in atmosphere
c) nitrogen level in atmosphere
d) carbon dioxde level atmosphere

What was used by scientists to show how much humans have affected the Earth's ecosystems?
a) topograph map
b) resource map
c) Human Footprint Map
d) map of Arkadelphia

What energy is from the heat inside the Earth?
a) geothermal energy
b) wind energy
c) hydropower energy
d) solar energy

What produces most of the energy that is used in the United States?
a) water
b) wind
c) sun
d) fossil fuels

Where was the energy released from fossil fuels originally captured from?
a) soil
b) the sun
c) fossil fuel
d) geothermal energy

This is a fossil fuel that is formed from the remains of tiny ocean organisms?
a) coal
b) natural gas
c) petroleum /oil
d) renewable resources

A cost for using lumber to build houses would be ______ might lose their_______.
a) humans; homes
b) trees; color
c) oceans; salt
d) organims; habitat

_________________ is when gases produced by burning fossil fuels trap heat in the air.
a) acid precipitation
b) freezing rain
c) snow with more acid than normal
d) greenhouse effect

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