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a) Government has control over everything.
b) Private property with strong government control and racism.
c) People have freedom of choice.
d) Extreme Nationalism without racism.

a) Extreme Nationalism without racism.
b) Private property with strong government control and racism.
c) People have freedom of choice.
d) Government has control over everything.

a) Government has control over everything.
b) Private property with strong government control and racism.
c) Extreme Nationalism without racism.
d) People have freedom of choice.

Which battle marked the turning point in the war in the Pacific?
a) Coral Sea
b) Iwo Jima
c) Pearl Harbor
d) Midway

German difficulties on the Eastern Front centered on:
a) the quick moving Soviet military.
b) the low death rate of the Soviet army.
c) the cold winter in the Soviet Union.
d) Hitler’s reluctance to attack.

In deciding to use the atomic bomb against Japan, President Truman’s main goal was to;
a) end the war quickly.
b) weaken Japan for a long time.
c) get revenge for Pearl Harbor.
d) save Japanese lives.

In 1939 the United States changed its neutrality laws to allow foreign nations to purchase American goods as long as it paid cash and:
a) transported the goods on foreign ships.
b) did not use the goods in war.
c) agreed to lease military bases to the United States.
d) used only for the good of defense.

Which of the following statements accurately reflects Roosevelt’s feelings towards joining the war?
a) He agreed with the isolationists and promoted an isolationist policy.
b) He wanted to avoid the war because he did see it as a threat to the U.S..
c) He wanted to help the Allies but had to appease U.S. citizens who opposed entering the war.
d) He did not understand the position of isolationists and was eager to join the war.

The actions of which country forced the United States to enter war?
a) Germany
b) Japan
c) the Soviet Union
d) Italy

The dictator (actual leader) of Japan during WWII was:
a) Tojo.
b) Mojo.
c) Suzuki.
d) Yamamoto.

On what did the Germany military strategy of blitzkrieg depend?
a) a system of fortifications
b) a system of fortifications
c) surprise and overwhelming force
d) the ability to make a long steady advance

On December 7th 1941, Japan launched a surprise attack on the naval bases at;
a) the Philippines.
b) Midway.
c) Coral Sea.
d) Pearl Harbor.

What strategy did the United States use to defeat Japan in the Pacific?
a) island hopping
b) trench warfare
c) total war
d) blitzkrieg

How did the U.S. respond to the acts of aggression by the Axis powers during the 1930’s?
a) declared war
b) made military alliances
c) isolated itself
d) built up the military

Great Britain and France finally declared war on Germany immediately following Hitler’s invasion of:
a) the Rhineland.
b) Poland.
c) Lithuania.
d) Ethiopia.

Why were so many Americans Isolationists after WWI?
a) People were disappointed with the treaty that end WWI and the League of Nations.
b) People felt that the oceans surrounding the U.S would protect us from European problems and aggressors.
c) We had our own problems here at home.
d) all of them are true

In following a policy of appeasement, what did Britain and France do?
a) Submitted to Hitler’s demands.
b) Declared war on Germany.
c) Entered into a formal defense alliance.
d) Pressure the U.S. to enter the war.

Leader of Great Britain
a) Joseph Stalin.
b) Winston Churchill.
c) Franklin D. Roosevelt.
d) Benito Mussolini.

Leader of Italy
a) Adolf Hitler.
b) Joseph Stalin.
c) Joseph Stalin.
d) Bennito Mussolini

Leader of the Soviet Union
a) Joseph Stalin.
b) Franklin D. Roosevelt.
c) Bennito Mussolini
d) Adolf Hitler.

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