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What was the Manhattan Project?
a) The plan to develop the atomic bomb.
b) The plan to exterminate the Jews.
c) The plan to crash Japanese planes into allied ships.
d) The training of Navajo code talkers.

The _________ , allowed the president to supply arms to “any country whose defense was vital to the United States.”
a) Appeasement Act
b) Trade embargo Act
c) Nonaggression Pact
d) Lend-Lease Act

Which of the following started the war as an Axis country, but later became an Allied power?
a) Italy
b) Japan
c) Germany
d) Soviet Union

Which battle marked a turning point for the Soviet Union against Germany?
a) Dunkirk
b) Stalingrad
c) Anzio
d) Normandy

This unpopular treaty ended WWI. It was this treaty that set the stage for WWII.
a) The Treaty of London
b) The Treaty of London
c) The Vienna Peace Plan
d) none of the answers are correct

he Allied invasion of _______ was given the code name D-Day?
a) Nazi-occupied Europe
b) Japan
c) Italy
d) North Africa

WWII Finally ended the Depression because:
a) Roosevelt ordered the new Deal to end.
b) the US began to purchase more goods from European nations.
c) people were too concerned about the war to worry about the economy.
d) of the great demand for weapons and supplies.

The Nazis practiced genocide, which is the:
a) deliberate extermination of a specific group of people.
b) acting out of anti-Semitic beliefs.
c) killing of people for the express purpose of creating terror.
d) terrorizing of the citizens of a nation by a government.

Which nations came to be known as the Axis powers after they signed a mutual defense treaty in 1940?
a) Germany, Japan and Italy
b) Germany, Italy and Soviet Union
c) Germany, Japan and Spain
d) Germany, Italy and Austria

Where did the United States drop the atomic bomb?
a) Hiroshima and Nagasaki
b) Hiroshima and Okinawa
c) Okinawa and Iwo Jima
d) Iwo Jima and Guadalcanal

What did the Selective Service System oversee?
a) The drafting of soldiers.
b) The rationing system.
c) The pricing of goods and wages.
d) The production of military goods.

Which nation(s) signed a Nonaggression pact with Germany that led to the invasion and division of Poland?
a) Italy
b) Italy and Japan
c) the Soviet Union
d) Spain

How did women, referred to as “Rosie the Riveter,” impact the outcome of the war?
a) Helped win the war by becoming political active.
b) Helped win the war by working industrial jobs.
c) Helped win the war by joining the military.
d) Helped win the war by remaining housewives.

Choose the country listed bellow that was controlled by a dictator in the 1930’s.
a) Japan
b) Italy
c) Germany
d) all of them were controlled by dictators

The Atlantic Charter, drafted by Winston Churchill and FDR. was a:
a) peace treaty.
b) declaration of war.
c) Nonaggression pact.
d) statement of war aims.

In 1931 Japan took the first step toward building an empire by conquering:
a) Manchuria.
b) French Indochina.
c) China.
d) the Philippines.

Which one is NOT true about Japanese-Americans during WWII?
a) They did a lot of spying for Japan.
b) They lost their homes and property.
c) Some were war heroes.
d) They were put into camps.

Roosevelt decision to remove people of Japanese ancestry to internment camps was a response to;
a) a strong anti-Japanese sentiment.
b) verified reports of Japanese Americans acting as spies.
c) the lack of Japanese Americans serving in the armed forces.
d) rumors that the Japanese were developing an atomic bomb.

What were Japan’s kamikazes?
a) suicide pilots
b) military leaders
c) cruisers
d) air craft carriers

V-E day or May 8, 1945 was the day when______?
a) Germany surrendered.
b) the Soviets stopped the Germans at the Volga.
c) allied forces invaded France.
d) the United States entered the war.

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