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Which type of employee cares for the land area and plants surrounding a business, industry, church or school?
a) Grounds maintenance
b) Golf course
c) Nursery
d) Garden center

A person who must be skilled in checking horticultural products for diseases, insects and quality is a/an:
a) Teacher.
b) Sales representative.
c) Inspector.
d) Accountant.

Which one is responsible for maintaining fairway and greens turf as well as sand traps and irrigation?
a) Greenhouse worker
b) Garden center employee
c) Floriculturist
d) Golf course employee

The area of horticulture that includes growing and harvesting flowers and making and selling flower arrangements is:
a) Pomology.
b) Floriculture
c) Forestry.
d) Agronomy

Which comes from a Latin word meaning garden cultivation and includes vegetables, fruits and ornamental plants?
a) Zoology
b) Horticulture
c) Forestry
d) Agronomy

Which is MOST interested in reducing the carbon footprint?
a) Green industry employee
b) Park ranger
c) Garden center salesperson
d) Golf course attendant

Which horticulture division includes vegetable production is:
a) Forestry.
b) Floriculture.
c) Turf grass.
d) Olericulture.

The science MOST associated with the study of plants grown for food or beautification is:
a) Horticulture.
b) Forestry.
c) Physics.
d) Agronomy.

As a garden center worker, Julie should:
a) Be unfriendly to customers
b) Be a high school dropout
c) Enjoy working with people and plants.
d) Expect to work in air conditioning.

Compared to entry level jobs, professional careers usually require special license and:
a) More manual labor.
b) Less education.
c) More outside work.
d) More paper work.

Who is responsible for displaying and selling bedding plants?
a) Garden center employee
b) Greenskeeper
c) Landscape designer
d) Lawn maintenance employer

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