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Tonya moved to sell candy to raise money for scholarships. Adam wants to sell flowers. To change the motion, Adam would move to:
a) Amend
b) Adjourn
c) Appeal
d) Argue

The eagle is an important part of FFA tradition because it symolizes the national scope of the FFA. Students MOST likely will find an eagle in the FFA:
a) Motto
b) Colors
c) Emblem
d) Pledge

Sue wears a white collared shirt, black shoes, black skirt, FFA scarf and FFA jacket zipped halfway to the top. What component of Official FFA dress is she missing?
a) Skirt should be navy blue
b) Shirt should be blue rather than white
c) Jacket should be zipped to the top
d) Black shoes should be brown

The FFA Career Development Event (CDE) that will help develop knowledge and skills needed to effectively participate in a horticulture organization’s business meeting is:
a) Floriculture.
b) Parliamentary Procedure.
c) Introduction to Horticulture.
d) Nursery/Landscape.

What Brian learns while serving as FFA Chapter Secretary could be used after graduation in horticulture organizations to:
a) Count money.
b) Prepare budgets
c) Preside over meetings.
d) Write minutes of meetings.

The plow reminds agricultural students and FFA members of what important principle?
a) Value of hard work
b) National scope of the FFA
c) Knowledge is important to success
d) Common agricultural interest of all students

The rising sun is an important part of the FFA emblem because it represents:
a) Hard work associated with agriculture.
b) National scope of the FFA.
c) Agricultural opportunity and progress.
d) Agricultural knowledge and wisdom.

Serving as FFA Treasurer can help Juan gain experience that he might later use in an horticulture organizations to:
a) Keep financial records.
b) Cook Steaks
c) Write minutes of meetings.
d) Write news reports.

FFA helps students develop leadership beyond the class and local school chapter. What is the FIRST level of participation above the chapter level?
a) National FFA Organization
b) Federation
c) Region
d) North Carolina State FFA Association

Which MOST likely represents the FFA goal to make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success?
a) Colors
b) Motto
c) Official Dress
d) Mission statement

The part of the horticulture instructional program that provides opportunities to develop leadership, teamwork, citizenship, personal growth and career success is the:
a) Horticultural Knowledge
b) Plant nursery.
c) FFA
d) Supervised Agricultural Experience

The MAJOR advantage of using parliamentary procedure in a business meeting is that:
a) Teachers have more control over meetings.
b) Business is conducted fairly and quickly
c) Students learn how the courts work.
d) A small minority can control the meeting

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