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Both novels and dramas have...
a) a. scenes, acts, and line
b) b. chapters, paragraphs, and characters
c) c. paragraphs, setting, and stage directions
d) d. characters, setting, conflicts

Man v. nature is an example of an...
a) a. internal conflict
b) b. external conflict
c) none
d) none

Josh wants to wear bright yellow socks to school, but can't because of the dress code. This is an example...
a) a. Man v. nature
b) b. man v. self
c) c. man v. man
d) d.man v. society

Chelsea and Daivd are arguing over which movie to watch. This is an example of...
a) a. man vs. nature
b) b. man vs. self
c) c. man vs. man
d) d. man vs. society

What is the object of the preposition in the follwing prepositional phrase? beneath the sunny sky
a) a. beneath
b) b. the
c) c. sunny
d) d. sky

Which of the following is NOT a preposition?
a) a. at
b) b. the
c) c. with
d) d. underneath

What is the prepositional phrase in the following sentence? Kayla jumped quickly over the puddle.
a) a. Jumped quickly
b) b. Kayla jumped
c) c. over the puddle
d) d. quickly over the puddle

The mood of this passage is
a) a. Ridiculous
b) b. Terrifiying
c) c. Depressing
d) d. Joyful

Read the passage on the paper the teacher gave and answer the question. The tone of this passage is..
a) a. Serious
b) b. Silly
c) c. Bored
d) d. Excited

The tone of a story is...
a) a. What the author's voice sounds like
b) b. The way a story makes a reader feel
c) c. The author's attitude toward his or her subject
d) d. The lesson about life it teaches the reader

Mood is
a) a. The author's attitude toward his or her subject
b) b. How you feel today
c) c. The way a story makes the reader feel
d) d. The time and place of the story's action

The movable pieces on stage that make the drama look more realistic are called..
a) a. stage directions
b) b. script
c) c. props
d) d. characters

How does an actor know how to perform their lines?
a) a. They guess
b) b. The director tells them
c) c. the dialogue
d) d. the stage directions

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