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How would you represent the ratio of 7 red M and M's in a group of 10 ?
a) 7/10
b) 10/7
c) 10-7
d) 7=10

Which is of these could be represented as a ratio?
a) I saw 3 students in the hallway with black shoes.
b) Almost all the students at PV like chocolate cake best
c) 6 students, in our class of 10, have red hair.
d) All examples can be written as a ratio.

What is another name for the representation of ratio?
a) sum
b) fraction
c) product
d) answer

Where would you see a fraction?
a) auto manual
b) a math book
c) cookbook
d) All the above

When do I use fractions?
a) When I am cooking
b) When I am working in ALEKS
c) When Mrs. Stunkel is teaching about ration
d) All the above

What is Mrs. Stunkel's favorite color?
a) pink
b) brown
c) blue
d) white

What do we call sorting items to be used in a chart?
a) data collection
b) eating candy
c) adding
d) subtracting

What do you call writing down the items you sorted when collecting data?
a) adding it up
b) sorting
c) recording data
d) finding the difference

If I had 10 cookies and 3 of them were chocolate, what is the ration of chocolate cookies?
a) 10/3
b) 3 chocolate
c) 3/10
d) more chocolate cookies

What is a part of a graph?
a) Title
b) y axis
c) x axis
d) All the above

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