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Which religious group was persecuted during the holocaust and throughout Middle East history?
a) Christians
b) Jews
c) Muslims

What is the dominant religion in the Middle East?
a) Judaism
b) Christianity
c) Islam

What is the longest river in the world and important to Egypt?
a) Nile River
b) Tigris River
c) Euphrates River

What does arable mean
a) soil dying
b) land suitable and capable of farming
c) irrigating, or watering the land

What is the Suez Canal?
a) a dam to control flooding
b) a shortcut for trips to travel to Europe and Asia and Africa
c) a roadway

Why are Israel and Palestine fighting?
a) they both believe the West Bank is their homeland
b) they want oil
c) they both want to control the Suez Canal

Egypt and Saudi Arabia are on opposite sides of what sea?
a) Mediterranean Sea
b) Red Sea
c) Black Sea

What is desertification?
a) the process of building a desert
b) the process of topsoil dying off and making land unsuitable for farming
c) the process of eating a desert

Where do Christians go to worship and pray?
a) church
b) mosque
c) temple or synagogue

Which country in the Middle East has about 20% of the world's oil reserves?
a) Kuwait
b) Israel
c) Saudi Arabia

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