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What is the contracting cloud of gas and dust (the earliest stage of a star's life) called?
a) planetary nebula
b) neutron star
c) protostar
d) supernova

_____________ are the tops of convection cells where hot fluid rises up from the interior in the bright areas, spreads out across the surface, cools and then sinks inward along the dark lanes.
a) sunspots
b) prominences
c) spicules
d) granules

Photons take a random walk
a) in the radiative zone.
b) in the convective zone.
c) in the corona.
d) in the core.

What are the flame like columns of gas that continually erupt from the lowest layer of the sun's atmosphere?
a) prominences
b) spicules
c) solar flares
d) granules

What is the location within the Sun where the hot material rises and the cool material falls back inward caused by temperature differences?
a) radiative zone
b) core
c) convective zone
d) corona

What is the the blue-white hot core of a star that is left behind after its outer layers have expanded and drifted out into space?
a) red giant
b) neutron star
c) white dwarf
d) black dwarf

What object in space has gravity is so strong not even light can escape?
a) black hole
b) black dwarf
c) white dwarf
d) stellar nebula

What star results when a white dwarf stops giving off energy?
a) planetary nebula
b) black dwarf
c) red dwarf
d) black hole

The distance between one peak and the next in a wave of the electromagnetic spectrum, or between one trough and the next is the _______________.
a) wavelength
b) amplitude
c) Hertz
d) frequency

What layer is the inner layer of the sun's atmosphere; the visible surface of the sun?
a) corona
b) radiative zone
c) photosphere
d) chromosphere

In what layer of the sun are the granules created?
a) the chromosphere
b) the radiative zone
c) the convective zone
d) the core

What layer is visible only during a total solar eclipse?
a) supernova
b) corona
c) nebula
d) core

_______ is the powerful explosion that occurs when a massive star dies.
a) sunspot
b) supernova
c) spicules
d) coronal mass ejection

What star is the small, dense remains of a high-mass star after a supernova?
a) neutron star
b) white dwarf
c) black dwarf
d) red dwarf

The higher the frequency of energy on the electromagnetic spectrum, the shorter the wavelength.
a) true
b) false

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