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What was a major cause of the French Revolution?
a) inequalities in the tax structure
b) economic success of mercantilism
c) failure of the Congress of Vienna

Before the French Revolution, the people of France were divided into three estates based mainly on their
a) education level
b) social class
c) religious beliefs

At the Congress of Vienna (1815), the governments of Europe reacted to the French Revolution and the rule of Napoleon by attempting to
a) restore old regimes to power with a balance of power
b) spread the idea of democracy
c) encourage nationalist movements

Which factors protected Russia from control by Napoleon’s army?
a) religious and cultural similarities
b) industrialization and modernization
c) geographic size and location

Napoleon was finally defeated by Russia and its allies at
a) Waterloo
b) Paris
c) Moscow

The leader of France during the Reign of Terror was
a) Napoleon
b) Maximilien Robespierre
c) Louis the XVI

• Parliament offered the throne to King William and Queen Mary. • Catholic King James II fled England for France. • Parliament agreed to joint rule with the monarch. These events are most closely associated with the
a) The Glorious Revolution
b) The French Revolution
c) The Crusades

A study of revolutions would most likely lead to the conclusion that a pre-Revolutionary government
a) is most concerned about human rights
b) refuses to modernize its armed forces with advanced technology
c) fails to meet the political and economic needs of its people

Simon Bolivar and José de San Martín, leaders of Latin American independence movements, were inspired by successful revolutions in
a) the United States and France
b) the Soviet Union and China
c) Cuba and Costa Rica

Simón Bolívar, José de San Martín, and Toussaint l’Ouverture are important in Latin America because they were
a) winners of the Nobel Peace Prize
b) leaders of liberation movements
c) European monarchs

In which region of the world did the American Revolution and the French Revolution have the greatest influence during the 1800’s?
a) Latin America
b) South Asia
c) Europe

Toussaint L’Ouverture was a famous Latin American revolutionary who
a) opposed United States intervention in Haiti
b) led a struggle to gain freedom for the people of his nation
c) established an absolute monarchy in his nation

During the early 1800’s, which was a major influence on the struggle for political independence in Latin America?
a) poor conditions in urban centers in Latin America
b) the American and French Revolutions
c) demands by Latin American workers to own their own factories

Who was the man whose ideas and aims dominated the Congress of Vienna?
a) Prince Metternich of Austria
b) King Louis XVI of France
c) Napoleon of France

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