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The anatomic position is standing erect with palms _________.
a) supinated
b) touching each other
c) flat against the abdomen
d) pronated

What is the study of the funciton of the body structures?
a) Anatomy
b) biology
c) physiology
d) psychology

A body plane that is at right angles to the horizon (runs up and down ) is what?
a) horizontal
b) frontal
c) vertical
d) coronal

Any vericla plane parallel to the midline that divides the body into unequal left and right portions is what?
a) midsatittal plane
b) transverse plane
c) midline plane
d) sagittal plane

This plane divides the body into superior and inferior planes, what is it called?
a) tranverse
b) frontal plane
c) coronal plane
d) sagittal plane

What plane divides the body into anterior (front) and posterior (back) portions?
a) midsagittal
b) horizontal
c) coronal
d) vertical

Which plane divides the body into equal left and right sides?
a) vertical
b) midsagittal
c) sagittal
d) coronal

If you have a transverse plane and you are referring to a body structure above the transverse plane this is said to be superior or ___
a) chephalic
b) posterior
c) anterior
d) caudal

If I have a midsagittal plane in the antomic position is my thumb proximal or lateral?
a) xxxxxxx
b) xxxxxxx
c) proximal
d) lateral

What makes a body part proximal?
a) situated nearest the midline of the body
b) situated on the head
c) situated on the midline of the body
d) situated farest away from the midline of the body

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