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A baby weighs 5 pounds when she is born, how many ounces does the baby weigh?
a) 80 ounces
b) 75 ounces
c) 60 ounces
d) 45 ounces

Jordyn sleeps 7 hours a night for 5 nights in a row, what is Jordyn's total amount of sleep over the five days?
a) 25 hours
b) 50 hours
c) 35 hours
d) 15 hours

Brad's coffee table measures 48 inches, how many feet is the table?
a) 6
b) 9
c) 8
d) 4

Asharia and Leah ran 2 miles, how many feet did the girls run?
a) 10,560
b) 12,000
c) 15,000
d) 8,000

The length of one side of the living room is 5ft, how many inches is this side of the living room?
a) 10 inches
b) 60 inches
c) 45 inches
d) 71 inches

a) 56
b) 48
c) 50
d) 20

a) 45
b) 30
c) 49
d) 42

a) 28
b) 16
c) 20
d) 18

a) 30
b) 36
c) 45
d) 54

a) 70
b) 36
c) 56
d) 25

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