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What has influenced where wheat is grown?
a) nearness to fresh water
b) nearness to the Himalayas
c) nearness to spongebob
d) nearness to the desert

What physical feature of South Asia created a barrier for trade to other countries?
a) Ganges River
b) That desert
c) Himalayas
d) Monsoons

Borlaug's innovation that educated farmers in India was called _____?
a) Green War
b) Green Revolution
c) Grain Miracle
d) Dust Bowl

How have the monsoon seasons affected the economic development of Bangladesh?
a) The dry winds in the winter provide plenty of crops
b) The dry summer winds cause drought and famine.
c) The summer rain provides fertile lands for growing corn.
d) looding has made it difficult to farm.

Borlaug's innovation changed which industry?
a) manufacturing
b) businesses
c) agriculture
d) service industries

How does the summer monsoons benefit India?
a) The rains provide fresh water for drinking and irrigation.
b) creates snow in the Himalayas
c) The winds help with overseas trade
d) provides dry land where one can plant seeds

What South Asia country has frequent military takeovers?
a) India
b) Bangladesh
c) Pakistan
d) Nepal

Borlaug's Green Revolution was a means of men…...
a) adapting to their environment
b) modifying their environment
c) fighting with Indian rebels
d) fighting with Spongebob over water

What country does NOT have a stable government in South Asia?
a) Japan
b) Nepal
c) India
d) Pakistan

Stilt fishing in South Asia is a means of men…...
a) adapting to their environment
b) modifying their environment

Which cultural institution guides the moral and social life of the people of S. Asia?
a) Judaism
b) Sichism
c) Hinduism
d) Islam

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