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Which of these is NOT a layer of the integumentary system?
a) epidermis
b) fatty layer
c) dermis
d) hypodermis

Skeletal muscle is...
a) involuntary and striated.
b) voluntary and striated.
c) involuntary and smooth.
d) voluntary and smooth.

The integumentary system is made up of
a) hair
b) skin
c) nails
d) all of the above

Where are red blood cells produced?
a) Yellow bone marrow
b) Compact bone
c) Red bone marrow
d) Blood Vessels

The stomach is a type of ______________ muscle.
a) skeletal
b) smooth
c) cardiac
d) voluntary

Muscles and bones work together to....
a) produce movement.
b) make red blood cells.
c) protect the body.
d) none of the above.

Muscles fibers are made up of_____________.
a) antagonistic pairs
b) muscle cells
c) myofibrils
d) muscles

When it's hot, blood vessels _________ to release heat.
a) constrict
b) dilate
c) sweat
d) bleed

Sebaceous glands...
a) produce oils to make the skin and hair waterproof.
b) produce sweat.
c) are found in the epidermis.
d) are found in the hypodermis.

The contracting muscle is called the __________.
a) antagonistic pair
b) antagonist
c) relaxer
d) agonist

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