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The atomic number tell syou the number of
a) electrons in an atom
b) protons in an atom
c) neutrons in an atom
d) protons and neutrons in an atom

To find the number of neutrons you
a) add the atomic number and mass together
b) subtract the atomic mass from the atomic number
c) subtract the atomic number from the atomic mass
d) it is the smae as the atomic number of an element

The group number tells you
a) the number of protons in an atom
b) the number of energy levels the element has
c) the number of electrons in the outer energy level
d) the physical property of an element.

Which group is known as the Noble Gases?
a) Group 1
b) Group 7
c) Group 2
d) Group 8

What distinguishes one element from another?
a) the number of neutrons
b) the atomic mass
c) the number of protons
d) the number of electrons

Periods on the periodic table tell us
a) how many electrons in an atom of that element
b) the number of neutrons in the element
c) how many energy levels the element has
d) number of protons in each atom

The periodic table is made up mostly of what type elements
a) nonmetals
b) metals
c) metalloids
d) mixtures

Where would you find elements of similar properties?
a) periods
b) along the zig zag line
c) groups

If an atomic number is 5 and the mass is 11, what is the number of neutrons?
a) 16
b) 5
c) 11
d) 6

Knowing the atomic number is 13 and the mass is 27 what is the number of protons?
a) 27
b) 14
c) 13
d) 40

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