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What feature of the sun is an area of gas that is cooler than the gases around them?
a) solar flare
b) sunspot
c) prominence
d) solar wind

Which layer of the sun’s atmosphere looks like halo during an eclipse?
a) photosphere
b) chromosphere
c) corona
d) solar flare

In which layer of the sun’s interior is energy transferred mainly by electromagnetic radiation?
a) core
b) photosphere
c) convective zone
d) radiative zone

In which layer of the sun does nuclear fusion take place?
a) photosphere
b) convective zone
c) radiative zone
d) core

The remains of a high mass star is a
a) black dwarf
b) supernova
c) neutron star
d) neutron nebula

Which stage in a star’s life cycle exerts such a strong gravitational pull that no light escapes?
a) a black dwarf
b) a black hole
c) a supernova
d) a protostar

When a main sequence star runs out of hydrogen fuel it expands to become
a) a white dwarf or a red giant
b) a red giant or a supergiant
c) a supergiant or a supernova
d) a black dwarf or a red dwarf

The earliest stage in a star’s life cycle is the
a) black hole
b) white dwarf
c) planetary nebula
d) protostar

When a low or medium mass has become a red giant the outer part grows larger and drifts into space forming a
a) protostar
b) supernova
c) planetary nebula
d) black hole

A large cloud of dust and gas in space is a
a) neutron star
b) supernova
c) nebula
d) red giant

Once a star has “turned on” it is known as a
a) main sequence star
b) white dwarf
c) black dwarf
d) neutron star

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