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All mean we're legal to vote including slaves was what amendment
a) 12
b) 17
c) 15
d) 13

A federal agency set up after the civil war to help former slaves (Theygave houses,Food, and jobs for the former slaves) which answer choice is the word tha matches this definition
a) Black codes
b) Freeman's Burea
c) I don't know
d) Share crops

The 14th amendment
a) Granted Citzenships to all persons who are Naturalized in the United states (this included Former slaves)
b) I don't know
c) Granted slavery as legal
d) What

Black codes means
a) A law that took away freedom
b) A law that limited the freedom of a former slave
c) A law that would not allow former slaves to have jobs or own guns
d) I have no clue

A carpet Bagger is?
a) An insult for southerns who were dishonest and aided/ helped Reconstruction
b) A insult
c) I have no clue (be honest)
d) An insult to A northerner who went south during the civil war

The KKK was a?
a) A group of random guys
b) A secret society that was all for slavery and resorted to violence after the civil war
c) A dishonest person
d) A secret society of racists

What is Reconstruction?
a) Process of building after the civil war
b) Bob the builder
c) A law that limited freedom
d) Granted citezenship

Don't pay attention to this
a) Heyyyyyyyyy

Good job
a) Good job

a) Hun thanks

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