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When conducting a meeting, do all of the following EXCEPT:
a) Stay on topic
b) Summarize decisions made throughout the meeting
c) Be familiar with equipment and materials
d) Do not remain open to new ideas

This means to quote word-for-word
a) Adjournment
b) Parliament
c) Verbatim
d) Adjunct

This is a guide for conducting meetings (call to order, old business, etc):
a) Meeting minutes
b) Parliamentary procedure
c) Verbatim
d) Itinerary

This is a schedule of what will be covered at a meeting:
a) Meeting minutes
b) itinerary
c) agenda
d) adjournment

The minimum number of members neccessary to conduct business
a) Quorum
b) Quota
c) Minimum
d) Motion

A proposal made at a meeting:
a) Second
b) Motion
c) Consensus
d) Parliamentary procedure

A series of characters (numbers or text) associated with a reservation:
a) Confirmation
b) Layover
c) Processing number
d) Layaway

Traveling and having to switch planes in another city to get to your final destination.
a) Direct flight
b) Multiple destinations
c) First Class
d) Layover

Standards for proper behavior:
a) Colloquialism
b) Etiquette
c) Consensus
d) Behaviorisms

A meeting of 2 or more people at different locations using telecommunications equipment
a) Teleconference
b) Television
c) Telemeeting
d) Televideo

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