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The rain forest continues to decline because of:
a) logging
b) oil spills
c) overfishing
d) air pollution

Because of oil spills, tourism is affected negatively in what country?
a) Brazil
b) Mexico
c) United States
d) Venezuela

Which of the following is not a cause of rainforest depletion?
a) logging
b) oil spills
c) vehicle emissions
d) cattle ranching

In what country would you find the rainforest?
a) Panama
b) Brazil
c) Chile
d) Venezuela

What country has air pollution as an environmental issue in a major city?
a) Mexico City
b) Mexico
c) Venezuela
d) Brazil

The production of oil in Venezuela makes up what percentage of its Gross Domestic Product?
a) 50
b) 100
c) 22
d) 75

Venezuela's chief environmental issue is __.
a) oil spills
b) depletion of the rain forest
c) logging
d) air pollution

One cause of air pollution in Mexico City is
a) logging
b) oil spills
c) overcrowding
d) overfishing

Which of the following is NOT a cause of air pollution __.
a) industrialization
b) location between two mountains
c) oil spills
d) vehicle emissions

Industrialization means:
a) building up of factories
b) more farmers due to rain forest depletion
c) making use of resources
d) technology producing robots to replace human workers

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