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The Jew who was born to Bethlehem in Judea.
a) John the Baptist
b) Jesus
c) Luke
d) Judea

Jesus was baptized by
a) John the Baptist
b) Isaiah
c) Mohammad the Mosaic
d) Saint Peter

Belief in one God is
a) Polytheism
b) Monotheism
c) Minerva
d) Hinduism

Jesus’s pupil were called
a) Apostles
b) Pharoahs
c) Jews
d) Bishops

The main source of Jesus's teachings were the
a) The Gospels
b) Quaran
c) Hebrew
d) The Muhhammad

People greeted Jesus as Messiah, meaning ____________
a) Lord
b) King
c) Highness
d) Jewish

Jesus's first followers were _____
a) Europeans
b) Muslims
c) Turkish
d) Jews

8. The apostle who was first an enemy of Christianity but said he had a vision of Jesus in his dream and became one of the first to spread Christianity.
a) John
b) Elba Tigers
c) Paul
d) Lord Grimes

What problem did Christians pose for Rome?
a) They would not worship Roman Gods.
b) They refused to kill innocent people
c) They could no longer serve in the army on Sunday.
d) Their high morals did not align with Roman schools.

10. When the individuals started giving loyalty to commanders rather than Rome, Rome began to recruit ________________.
a) Japanese
b) Gentiles
c) Mercenaries
d) Indentured servantd

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