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The asteroid belt is located
a) Between Earth and Mars
b) Between Mars and Jupiter
c) Between Jupiter and Saturn

When a meteoroid enters Earth's atmosphere, it produces a streak of light called
a) meterorite
b) asteroid
c) meteors

Which is the smallest terrestrial planet?
a) Mars
b) Venus
c) Mercury
d) Pluto

Earth and Venus are much alike in terms of
a) Shape
b) Size and Density
c) the rate of rotation
d) their atmospheres

What do all of the inner planets have in common?
a) They all have liquid water
b) They all have moons
c) They all orbit Earth
d) They all are small and have rocky surfaces

One of the conditions required for life on Earth is ________
a) Polar ice caps
b) alternating night and day cycles
c) liquid water
d) Plants

Meterorids usually come from ________.
a) meterorites
b) the solar winds
c) other meteors
d) comets or astroids

Aside form Earth, which inner planet once had liquid water on its surface?
a) Mercury
b) Venus
c) Mars
d) Jupiter

What shape are the orbits of most comets?
a) Long and narrow ellipses
b) Circles
c) Nearly circular ellipses
d) stared

The atmospheres of the gas giant planets cannot escape into space becasue
a) the gases are to heavy
b) the gases solidify at higher elevations
c) The planets have very strong gravitional pulls

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