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According to the FCI statistics for major sports, which of the following has the highest average league costs?
a) National Football League
b) Major League Baseball
c) National Basketball Association
d) National Hockey League

If the FCI shows that the average cost of attending a Memphis Grizzlies basketball game is below the league average, a good marketing strategy would most likely be to
a) advertise the value of attending games
b) increase the prices to generate higher profits
c) offer promotions, such as multi-game packages
d) offer free incentives, such as free parking, with the purchase of multiple tickets

Megan is weighing a decision to attend either a professional football game or a baseball game in San Francisco. She knows there are more opportunities to attend the baseball game than the football game. In terms of perceived options, this situation i
a) future availabiilty
b) personal incentives
c) financial requirements
d) team identification

Emily started playing basketball when she was 8 years old. As a result, she became an avid fan of the local women's professional basketball team. This is an example of ________ path to fan identification with a sport.
a) participation
b) star power
c) socialization
d) community

What has the greatest impact on the sport and team an individual follows?
a) family members
b) social media
c) teams success
d) star power

Paths to fan identification with a sports brand include the following except
a) sponsorship
b) star power
c) family
d) community

Liz almost idolizes one of the players on the local hockey team. She has posters in her room of him and follows him on Facebook, Twitter, and on the team's website. Liz's path to identification with the hockey team is based on
a) star power
b) family
c) socialization
d) community

An effective marketing strategy to reach geographic-based fans would most likely be to
a) support local causes and involvement in the local community
b) offer financial incentives that encourage game attendance
c) use social media to engage these fans with the players on the team
d) offer special activities at the game/event, such an autograph sessions

Stephanie hardly ever watches football, but she will watch the Super Bowl every year. This is an example of ________ involvement.
a) situation-based
b) emotion-based
c) self-concept
d) geographic-based

David supports the local high school football team by attending every game, even though he does not have any child playing on the team. He seldom watches any football games on TV and has never attended a professional football game. This is most likel
a) geographic-based
b) emotion-based
c) self-concept
d) situation-based

A low-involvement fan segment would be
a) situation-based
b) emotion-based
c) self-concept based
d) cognitive-based

Sarah enjoys NASCAR, especially Talladega. She goes to races as often as she can. She likes the high speeds of the cars and the chance of a multiple-car wreck. This is an example of which personal motive for sports consumption?
a) sensory stimuation
b) aesthetic
c) economic
d) entertainment

After spending a long week at work, Andrew enjoys going to a sporting event over the weekend. In fact, he will often attend two or three events if possible. This is an example of the psychological motive of
a) escape
b) self-esteem
c) group affiliaiton
d) sensory stimulation

Josh lives in St. Louis and is constantly telling his friends, We won the World Series in reference to the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team winning the World Series. This is an example of the psychological motive of
a) self-esteem
b) escape
c) group affiliation
d) sensory stimulation

Social motives that influence sports consumption include
a) family and group affiliation
b) self-esteem and escape
c) entertainment and sensory stimulation
d) aesthetic and economic

Amanda's family travels to one of the NASCAR races every year. This is an example of a(n) ________ influencing the sports consumption decision.
a) social motive
b) psychological motive
c) personal motive
d) escape motive

Which of the following purchases by Christopher most likely indicates a utilitarian consumption motive?
a) new washing machine
b) music download
c) season pass to a water park
d) ticket to see a new movie at the theater

A consumer's desire to achieve some functional benefit from using a good or service is a(n)
a) utilitarian consumption motive
b) hedonic consumption motive
c) psychological consumption motive
d) function consumption motive

A desire to have a sensory experience that elicits pleasure, fun, or excitement is a(n)
a) hedonic consumption motive
b) utilitarian consumption motive
c) psychological consumption motive
d) group affiliation consumption motive

Robert is the marketing manager for a minor league baseball team. He has noticed a large group of individuals who attend games to interact with each other. They don't pay much attention to the game itself. To attract these types of individuals to mor
a) group ticket packages
b) branded merchandise promotions
c) free access to streaming videos of games
d) recognition by the announcer at the game

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