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When a person receives a message, it is their responsibility to provide the sender:
a) Perception
b) Feedback
c) Self Concept
d) Nonverbal Clues

Slang someone may use that not everyone would understand is known as
a) Steet talk
b) Perception
c) Collaquialism
d) Poor grammar

Communicating without words.
a) Body language
b) Gestures
c) Nonverbal communication
d) All of the above are examples of communicating without words

Registering sound vibrations
a) Listening
b) Hearing
c) Verbal communication
d) Nonverbal communications

Pronouncing words clearly and correctly so that each sound can be heard
a) Enunciation
b) Verbal communication
c) Speaking
d) Talking loudly

What is a person with a poor self-concept NOT likely to do when communicating?
a) Talk loud enough for everyone to hear
b) Talk too low or quiet for everyone to hear
c) Demonstrate lack of confidence
d) Not talk to avoid confrontation

This is actively paying attention
a) Hearing
b) Listening
c) Verbal communication
d) Nonverbal communication

The method used to communicate a message (text, talking, writing, etc)
a) Colloquialism
b) Communication
c) Correspondence
d) Channel

The main force in determining if we LISTEN or HEAR.
a) Importance
b) Intent
c) Interest
d) Grammar

Which of the following can be a barrier to communication.
a) A sender using slang
b) A hot room
c) A student talking while the teacher is talking
d) All of the above are barriers to communication.

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