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Where would you find an anticodon?
a) tRNA
b) mRNA
c) rRNA
d) DNA

Where would you find a codon?
a) tRNA
b) mRNA
c) rRNA
d) DNA

Which nitrogen base is found in RNA but not DNA?
a) U
b) T
c) A
d) G

What kind of bond holds base pairs together?
a) hydrogen
b) oxygen
c) sulfur
d) carbon

What is the complimentary codon for the anticodon AAG?
a) UUC
b) TTC
c) AUG
d) CGU

What would the anticodon be if the codon reads AUG?
a) UAC
b) UUU
c) AAA
d) TAG

What is the job of the ribosome?
a) Translation- makes the proteins
b) Transcription- makes the proteins
c) Translation- copies the DNA into RNA
d) Transcription- copies the DNA into RNA

When more DNA is created.
a) replication
b) transcription
c) translation

When DNA is used to make mRNA.
a) Transcription
b) Translation
c) Replication

When mRNA is read and tRNA brings anticodons and amino acids to create proteins.
a) Translation
b) Transcription
c) Replication

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