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Lesson 1 Of Forces In Fluids. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Fluid pressure is always directed
a) up
b) down
c) sideways
d) in all directions

Materials that can flow to fit their containers include
a) gases
b) liquids
c) both gases and liquids
d) neither gases nor liquids

Fluid pressure is exerted evenly in all dirtections, which explains why
a) some objects float
b) birds and airplanes can fly
c) bubbles are round
d) objects seem to weigh less in water

The SI unit for pressure is
a) Pa
b) Pr
c) N
d) K

Which of the following is NOT a fluid?
a) water
b) ice
c) oil
d) oxygen

Fluids flow
a) from regions of high pressure to low pressure
b) only when pressures are even
c) from regions of low pressure to high pressure
d) only under extremely warm conditions

Hydraulic devices use liquids instead of gases because
a) liquids take on the shape of their containers and gases do not
b) liquids can be compressed and gases can not
c) gases can be compressed and liquids can not
d) gases cannot exert a force but liquids can

The SI unit for force is
a) Pa
b) Pr
c) N
d) K

Pressure depends on
a) the total amount of gfluid present
b) the depth of the fluid
c) the temperature of the fluid
d) the compressibility of the fluid

You do not notice atmospheric pressure on your body because
a) it is air
b) atmospheric pressure acts evenly on your body
c) of gravity
d) the fluids inside your body also exert pressure

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