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Which continuum correctly matches the description? • Focused on the consumer • Choices• Entrepreneurship is encouraged • Limited government control and interference
a) pure command
b) between pure command and the center of the continuum
c) between the center of the continuum and pure market
d) pure market

The economies of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey could best be described as
a) mixed.
b) market
c) command
d) traditional

How have the Israelis made up for their lack of resources?
a) They have put everyone to work and have no unemployment.
b) They have relied primarily on farming to keep their economy going.
c) They have developed strong technology companies in their economy.
d) Israelis have refused to import oil, saving huge amounts of money each year.

Which industry does the government of Saudi Arabia heavily control?
a) oil
b) technology
c) agriculture
d) textile manufacturing

Israel’s economy is primarily based on
a) high-tech equipment, agriculture, and diamonds
b) oil
c) automobiles, water, gold
d) grain, military technologies, and other goods

Turkey’s economy continues to grow because
a) the world economy is growing rapidly.
b) the number of important businesses run by citizens is growing.
c) the government controls most of the important businesses.
d) entrepreneurship is discouraged.

South African economic includes using state-owned enterprises to deliver basic services to low-income areas as a means to increase job growth and household income. However, companies are freed to choose what to produce, how to produce, and for whom t
a) Almost pure traditional
b) Pure Market
c) More market than command
d) Pure command

Which of the following represents an economy that is entirely controlled by a country’s government?
a) market economy
b) command economy
c) mixed economy
d) traditional economy

• Goods are shared by the whole community• Economy is based on customs • Roles are passed down through family members. Which kind of economy is described by the features listed?
a) mixed
b) market
c) traditional
d) command

A “market economy” is
a) a market in which free markets determine what gets manufactured and sold.
b) an economy in which the government creates plans for what will be produced.
c) an economy in which both the government and producers decide what to sell.
d) an economy in which both the government and producers decide what to sell.

In which type of economy does the government decide what to produce and how to produce it?
a) traditional
b) pure market economy
c) mixed economy
d) command economy

Like most countries, India has an economy that is somewhere between a pure market economy and a command economy. India’s economy is BEST described as a
a) planned economy.
b) mixed economy.
c) traditional economy.
d) free market economy.

Abdul’s country has a mixed economy that lies closer to the command side of the economic continuum. Which statement is most likely true of Abdul’s country?
a) A. There is more government control of the economy than private investment and entrepreneurship is limited.
b) B. The government and private investors participate equally in the country’s economy.
c) C. There is more private investment and entrepreneurship is encouraged while the government plays a limited role in the econo
d) D. Abdul’s country participates in a traditional economy.

In this country a single or centralized government authority decides what is produced. Which term identifies this type of economic system?
a) Traditional
b) Command
c) Market
d) Public

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